The Wheelchairs for Kurdistan Kids project helps children with disabilities by providing high quality pediatric wheelchairs, each sponsored by
individual and corporate donors.  Sponsors receive a picture of the children as they are placed in their wheelchair for the first time!  This is a
unique opportunity, as families around the world have the opportunity to directly impact the life of a family with a real need in a big way.

This incredible gift literally changes the life of the child as well as the family.  Children with disabilities discover a new level of mobility not
previously experienced.  The family no longer carries the heavy child from place to place.  And the heart of the community is touched, resulting
in long-lasting friendships!

Please consider donating to help kids with disabilities receive these previously unavailable and valuable gifts which will help them live longer,
healthier and more respectful lives.  All donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE through my non-profit partner Reach Out and Care Wheels.

********Latest Developments********  

Click for Wheelchair distribution reports:
Aug 2009 - Diyala     Oct 2009 - Sadr City     Jan 2010 - Sadr City     21 Jun 2010 - Baghdad     10 Jun 2010 - Baghdad      

Aug 2010 - Diwaniyah     Jan 2011 - Baghdad     Feb 2011 - Tikrit

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Wheelchairs for Kurdistan Kids
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1345 pediatric wheelchairs distributed thru September 2013
The wheelchairs from the Baghdad factory have been
distributed and major funding is needed to help the
wheelchairs mission continue.  Funds have been
depleted, ROC Wheels is no longer accepting donations
for the Iraq / Kurdistan mission.

To bring 600 wheelchairs from the US factory will cost
around $500,000.  Shipping, warehousing, assembly
labor and facilities, distribution costs, administration -
much more expensive now than when the US military
and Department of State were helping.  Now it's all on us
to provide funding if we want this mission to continue.

If you have funds to provide or questions, please
contact me directly at: